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Name: Chalcedony

Species: Gem

Gemtype: Orange-banded Chalcedony

Sex/Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Age: 7,000+ (or depending on the timeline, was created 2,000 years before the Gem War)

Occupation/Function: An artificial gem originally used as a database of information; created as a project, designed by White Diamond (she's similar to an AI).

Faction: Homeworld Gem // White Diamond

Personality: Calm and serene, Chalcedony is a wisp of a Gem who poises herself with an ethereal elegance. Although created in White Diamond's laboratory, she has been able to pick up bits and pieces from the society around her to form her own personality. From this, she became a very curious and compassionate Gem who tries her best to see the beauty in everything, having devoted herself to researching the world around her.

Height: 7' 4"

Weight: 89 lbs

Physical build: Lanky and slender, almost frail in appearance.

Eyes: Pale Orange

Hair: Sunset Orange / White

Skin Colour: Peach

Weapons: Currently Unknown // Was not originally designed for combat

Innate Powers: Chalcedony, while not having a significant weapon, is able to tap into technological structures (think technomancy); she has quite the amount of access through the systems of the Homeworld and even has permission to do specified overrides. She keeps track of all historical documentation, all recorded information, and all other significant data that goes through Homeworld.

Likes: Observing her surroundings, taking notes on interactions between other Gems, interacting with others herself, and scientific research. Meeting and befriending new Gems are her greatest pleasures in life.

Dislikes: The idea that she isn't a real Gem is something she's particularly sensitive about. It
bothers her when it's brought up, but she conceals the distaste for it rather well. She also isn't very fond of mistreatment towards other Gems. Being a 'creature' of compassion, she holds high regards towards those around her.
Chalcedony's Biography
This is a bio for my OC, Chalcedony! Any questions, please direct them to me! <3
Proof by traffycake
Here is photo proof that I have this pendant, Pearl. XDDD
Jasper: My Birthday Cake by traffycake
Jasper: My Birthday Cake
Of course, I had to have a Steven Universe themed birthday, so who else would be better on my cake than my beautiful Tiger Mom~?
White Diamond: Star Log XXXX by traffycake
White Diamond: Star Log XXXX
This is the first piece to the last project I did. Heaven knows why I drew that one first and this one second.

What I didn't mention for the last picture is that these are for a writing project. c: I'm doing a piece for my Creative Writing project involving White Diamond and Chalcedony.

This is right before Chalcedony's activation.
The Birth of Chalcedony
This is literally one of my most detailed pieces....

How did it even get so detailed...?

I admit, though, I'm proud of myself for how much work I put into it. -u- :heart:

This is Chalcedony, my OC who was White Diamond's firstborn artificial gem. She was a pod baby. c:


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

stamp-trafalgar law by Burbujitafdejabon
BEND OVER AGAIN by SupaSoldierBitches and Whores by 8bitBadGuy

Current Residence: Under my Traffy Blanket.

Favourite genres of music: Techno, Electronica Dance, anything with a good beat to it.

Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga

Operating System: Kicking people in the teeth and strangling them with neckties. XD THAT'S how I operate!

Favourite characters: Koujaku, Mizuki, and Mink (DMMD) Trafalgar, Doflamingo, and Sabo (One Piece) Piers, Wesker, Chris, and Luis (Resident Evil) Greece, All the Nordics, and Prussia (Hetalia) Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, Sollux Captor, and Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck), Amaimon, Phoenix!Todo, and Demon!Yukio (Blue Exorcist)

Personal Quote: And in the end, when the stars collapse from the sky and the earth heaves its last sigh....I will be there. I will gaze upon this wonder of our planet and say, "What a beautiful chaos this is."
1. How long have you known you are part of the LGBT community?

For about 6 years.

2. Was it a struggle (emotionally) for you at the beginning?

I was extremely confused at first. I was having my feelings played with when it all started, and it was the first time I had ever experienced something like that. I was afraid. Before then, I never honestly could have said I was interested in another female.

3.How did you start to discover your sexuality? (Example, thoughts, feelings…ex)

That experience, to begin with...and then over time, I began to figure out my preferences little by little. I'm still a virgin, so it was a little hard to do so. It took me a good whole 5 years to figure myself out.

4. What part of the LGBT community do you belong to? (Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, ex)


5. How long have you been out of the closet, or if your not, do you plan to be at some point?

I'm half in and half out. I tell those who I know really well and can trust, but aside from that, I just let them figure it out.

6. Does your parents/parent know, or will they ever know?

Yes, but it was not my choosing to do so.

7. Did they take it well, or do you predict that they will take it well?

They took it better than I expected, but they also say I can't be bisexual if I've never had sex and try to hook me up with a bunch of guys who aren't my type. :\

8. Would you…
a. Hold hands with a same gender partner in public?
Yes. Of course.
b. Kiss them in public?
If she'd let me? Hell yes.
c. Introduce them as 'your girl/boyfriend' to family and friends that haven't met them?
Once again, if she let me, hell yes!

9. What 3 things ANGERS THE HELL outta you about people's terrible 'opinions' about the LGBT community or certain comments, acts, ex…

1) "Bisexuality doesn't exist! You gotta pick one!" with the additional "So first, you're gonna sleep with a man because being with a man is so much better."

2) All the 'die cis scum' bullshit. I know there are cisgender individuals who can be assholes, but I'M CIS, AND I WANT TO HELP US ALL GAIN ACCEPTANCE IN THE LGBT COMMUNITY. Why does everyone have to fight over this crap?!

3) All the stereotypes. There is a beautiful mixture of us in the LGBT community, and none of the stereotypes about us are always true. We're all different individuals. That's a promise. :heart:

10. Do you like/love someone right now of the same gender?


11. If so, do they know?

I could only hope she does.

12. Have you told someone about your sexuality and they took it badly?

Surprisingly, no. However, do not forget that I have yet to tell a vast majority of my family. Aside from that, I've gained mostly acceptance for my sexuality (aside from the parents situation).

13. Are you proud of whom you are?

It's taken me this long to be HALFWAY comfortable in my own skin. I would hope to be.

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